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  • Laura-Maria Avatar
    07/09/19 - Google

    IND-Berlin only has unique pieces! My anticipation of my reversible jacket was huge and my expectations were even exceeded! I do not want to miss this cool jacket for the fall ♥️ The prices are a bit higher than usual fashion labels but considering that the clothes have multiple functions, are really self-made and were also made sustainably, you can't really complain. It's a pity that there are not more such stores in Germany! If you are looking for really cool fashion, then you are absolutely at the right place 🤩

  • Franzi Avatar
    29/08/19 - Facebook

    awesome store
    i can only recommend
    super great and professional advice
    I can only recommend ind-berlin
    I felt so comfortable there, was wonderfully advised, great fashion, just everything to be recommended
    thank you

  • Triboy Avatar
    29/08/19 - Google

    Unique and super practical fashion design. I bought a hoodie, which can be converted to a backpack. How cool is that?

  • Konstantin Avatar
    04/07/19 - Google

    I first saw IND Berlin at bikini haus. Since they did not have my size, they simply sewed the shirt and I ordered it from the online shop! That made me like the shirt even more:) super cool people! The quality is GREAT and payment and delivery was great! I will definitely order again .... please continue IND Berlin team ..... In addition, they are the first who are started multifunctional fashion!

  • Anna Avatar
    23/06/19 - Google

    IND is a great, modern and sustainable fashion label. All handmade and superb
    quality, the fabrics as well as the processing
    When you come to the store you will be greeted warmly and receive excellent personal advice.
    definitively worth a visit

  • Melik Avatar
    22/06/19 - Google

    Super friendly sales people and nice fashion for everyone! 👍
    Top Qualität zu fairen Preisen 😊

  • YOunes Avatar
    29/06/18 - Facebook

    Amazingly nice fashion which is made of sustainable production. great concept!

  • Josefine Avatar
    25/06/18 - Facebook

    Great, original fashion! A must-have in every wardrobe

  • Frank Avatar
    25/06/18 - Facebook

    Great stuff, great service. I bought one of the chino pants with comic pattern. I think that you can wear them great with shirts and jackets. What's missing here is a selection of ties. They would also fit very well with the other things. But maybe that will happen too. I am definitely satisfied.

  • Florentine Avatar
    22/06/18 - Facebook

    The jacket I bought for my boyfriend sits like a glove - well made and beautiful! I will get me something soon too

  • Paul Avatar
    21/06/18 - Facebook

    Have already bought thirts and a jacket on the spot in Berlin. Even special requests were fulfilled to my fullest satisfaction. And above all, good quality ... with many of my thirts after a couple of washing the size is not the same anymore, IND shirts are super cut and sit like the first day!

  • Karolin Avatar
    18/06/18 - Facebook

    If you are into eco-fashion that does not look like eco-fashion IND-Berlin is perfect for you! I love the idea and realization of such a sensitive topic !!! For more sustainability in the fashion industry! Great! Really great! -

  • Frænziska Avatar
    18/06/18 - Facebook

    I love this Berlin fashion label! More please!

  • Carlos Avatar
    18/06/18 - Facebook

    Great shop with convertible and innovative fashion. All handmade in Berlin. Nice team.

  • Silvia Avatar
    08/09/15 - Facebook

    superb quality - great ideas - and especially super nice fashion designer!

  • Susen Avatar
    03/02/15 - Facebook

    super cool pop-up store wirth innovative fashion ideas, which look great.

  • Ulrike Avatar
    29/12/14 - Facebook

    Absolutely unique flexible fashion - Wow, great store - super comfortable!

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