Fair Fashion from Berlin


Fairly produced materials from Europe and an individual design result in our unique fair fashion clothing.

We are the fashion label IND-Berlin, our mission: convertible and sustainable clothes

Fair Fashion in the fashion industry means that all beings live in harmony on our planet. We at IND-Berlin take sustainability very serious and guarantee a production chain that is always fair and environmentally friendly from start to finish. Our Fair Fashion clothes are created through long thought paths and short transport paths.

Our fashion is convertible because this is our Interpretation of sustainability and Fair Fashion. We conserve resources and appeal to conscious consumption. The idea is to have little possession of clothes while creating many different styles. More space in the wardrobe is also a positive side effect. Not long ponder what you wear, but choose one of the favorite pieces and combine it again and again. Each of our convertible clothing and accessories has potential to become a new favorite piece.

All of our materials come exclusively from Europe. In addition to a transparent and fair production chain optimal quality is key. The short delivery routes and therefore less CO2 distribution also protects people and the environment.

All our garments are 100% Handmade in Berlin. You can find us at the Bikini house at Ku'damm on the first floor. Come visit us and see for yourself.

Frequently asked questions about Fair Fashion clothing

A fashion that focuses on environmentally friendly use of resources. Also the materials should have a high natural content, like chemical substances and chemical fiber components are reduced to a minimum.

In addition to that sustainable clothing convinces consumers because the quality is significantly better and the garments are more durable.

Fair fashion stands for a transparent production chain. All countries of origin with normal working conditions for people are disclosed and comply with all ethical standards. Exploitation, or violations of human rights are thus excluded.

Because Fair Fashion has the goal of treating people and our planet well a 10-40% higher price for Fair Fashion clothing can be expected. Similar to organic food, ethnic and fair fashion also places a great deal of emphasis on exploiting neither man nor nature.

Our planet and we humans both benefit from Fair Fashion clothing. Sustainability in the fashion world means to use environmentally friendly materials and of them as little as possible. Therefore we fully rely on our convertibilty and offer at least two wearing options for each garment. By doing this we not only reduce the waste of resources, but also increase the wearing possibilities of our sustainable clothing. In addition, Fair Fashion also plays a major role for people. Because fair and sustainable clothing can only be guaranteed if people who make the clothes are paid well and can perform their work under good working conditions. Therefore, we at IND-Berlin, only obtain our materials from European countries and abroad, such Holland, Spain, Italy or Germany. Furthermore all of our clothes are produced within in the EU.

Nowadays, there is no real correct definition for sustainable fashion. While some fashion labels guarantee sustainability through good materials (for example organic), other fashion labels focus on a fair production process. Both ways ultimately contribute to sustainability. What we pursue at IND-Berlin is to ensure as much transparency as possible and to let our customers participate in the creation process of our sustainable clothing. What we are very proud of at IND-Berlin is the fact that we sew all our clothes directly on site in Berlin. At our store (Bikini Berlin, 1. OG) you can see us sewing your clothes at the back while at the front we sell them.

That's a good question and there are many ways you can become active yourself. The easiest and most effective way for the end user is to question the product. Where was it produced? What are the materials? What is the brand's reputation?. Furthermore, an important point is the End-of-Life Cycle of a product. This is called specifically "how long do you use a garment until you dispose it?.“ A short End-of-Life Cycle automatically means a great burden for the planet in terms of Recycling and further processing. Make sure you wear your clothes as long as possible and don't see fashion as a disposable product.

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