Innovative - Sustainable - (New) Design, short IND-Berlin

Innovatives – Nachhaltiges – Design, kurz IND-Berlin

Fair Fashion from Berlin

The motto: class instead of mass, the big topic of sustainability and fair fashion

Words such as fair trade, ecological and sustainable are omnipresent at the moment, but often you do not know exactly what they mean.
IND Berlin is a fair fashion label and sustainability is high on the list.

In order to realize this, we are only supplied with fabrics from Europe. To be clear, this means shorter routes from A to B and less CO2 emissions.
In addition, we make sure that the materials are mainly made of cotton, as it is an easy-care fabric, has a good comfort and is a renewable material.

Natural fibers like viscose, modal and tencel are a good alternative to cotton. The main ingredient is wood particles that are chemically processed into a filament yarn. The care properties and comfort are similar to cotton materials.

Fair working conditions and a good working environment are of the highest priority. Each garment and accessory can be worn in at least two ways.
Our fair fashion label wants to act ecologically, but does not have the typical eco-look.

Due to the great interest in our convertible fashion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to manufacture all garments by hand in Berlin. That's why we recently decided to outsource parts of our production to Estonia. This means that we continue to produce by hand in Berlin, but also have some produced in Estonia. Now you're probably wondering why we chose Estonia as a production facility? What was important to us from the beginning is that we continue to produce in Europe. This not only guarantees better working conditions, but also better quality. Furthermore, it was important to us to keep the transport routes as short as possible. We receive a package from Estonia once a month - by truck. In addition, Estonia has been a full EU member since 2004.

We look forward to further cooperation and much more innovative products from IND-Berlin. ?

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