We are a Fair Fashion Label from Berlin and stand for Innovative Sew Design made in Berlin (IND-Berlin). Since our foundation in 2014 we have been stirring up the fashion world with sustainable and convertible clothing. Our mission is to use as few materials as possible to create garments that can be worn in different ways without having the boring flair of eco-fashion. We want people to dress sustainable while looking modern and good.

What sets us apart from other fashion labels (our USP) is the idea of versatility within our clothes so that every garment can be worn in at least two ways. This not only leads to more space in the wardrobe, but also prevents the big problem of waste of resources in the fashion industry. According to "Pulse of the fashion industry" (2018) of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Global Fashion Agenda the apparel industry produces 2.1 billion tonnes of waste per year (!!). Through our concept we not only want to draw attention to the waste of resources but at the same time want to offer a solution with our fashion. The product ideas are all from us and are continuously designed and produced by our design team. We manufacture many of our garments by hand in Berlin but due to the great interest in our fashion, we decided to have parts of our collection produced in Estonia. In the selection of the production site, the location in Europe was of great importance to us. Last but not least, we chose Estonia because the country is not only located in Europe but since 2004 also an EU member. Here we can be sure that the working conditions under which our fashion is created are fair. We source our materials from European countries and abroad, especially Italy, Holland and Germany. Click here um dir Bilder unserer Produktionsstätte & unseres Ateliers anzuschauen.

The idea of IND-Berlin was born when our fashion designer Nina Julia Walter was studying fashion design in Munich. She developed a new concept of sustainability: "Scarcity of raw materials is a major challenge for designers. Our fashion is prevention rather than recycling. Fair Fashion as well as the thought of convertible fashion meets style-oriented Design“.

As a result many innovative garments were born like our patented "TWOCK", which is bag, vest and skirt in one, or the "Flexishirt" which is part of our FLEXIBLE FASHION line and can be worn on both sides. Over the years tailoring has been refined and more and more innovative products have been added. Be it the Picknick sweater which acts as a sweater or picnic blanket or our "KLOCK" which is a dress and skirt combined. From trousers to T-Shirts and dresses every piece we create is unique in its own – and of course – can be worn in many different ways.

Today we run our own shop at Bikini Haus Berlin am Ku’damm. Neben dem Verkauf unserer Mode nähen wir diese auch direkt vor Ort.

In addition, we have been equipping companies (especially Hotels) with individual uniforms since 2016. Here we also rely on sustainable garments paired with an individual design. Because the trend is moving away from the classic uniforms towards design-oriented, stylish and yet functional clothing in which employees feel comfortable. Some of our partners include well-known names such as the SOHO House Berlin, AMERON Hotels, about:Berlin (Savoy) or Hyatt at Potsdamer Platz.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but feel confirmed by the consistently positive response we have received through our fashion. This also shows us many mentionings in blogs, articles and television shows, as our appearance in February 2018 at the "Das Ding des Jahres" at Pro7.We hope that you agree and have fun with our convertible fashion as well.

✔ Convertible clothing: each of our garments can be worn in at least 2 ways
✔ Sustainable clothing: we only use the best fabrics (especially cotton) and we get them from the EU
✔ Innovative Mode:  Kleidungsstücke wie unserem patentierten TWOCK, the KLOCK or the RULLI
✔ Faire Mode: Unsere Kleidungsstücke werden teils per Hand in Berlin gefertigt & teils in Estland produziert
✔ Stylish fashion: we create sustainable garments that goes with the Zeitgeist

Visit our SHOP for our convertible Fair Fashion or if you have any questions left check out our Fair Fashion FAQ vorbei.


interview with IND-Berlin