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Since 2016 we no longer just equip customers but have dared the step towards business (b2b). For example we have specialized in the making of individual uniforms in this segment with IND-Berlin. Even though the subject of uniforms has been laughed at in the past, today it is very popular. However, a distinction must be made between standard uniforms and uniforms that have been perfectly attuned to the company for several weeks and months. The trend goes towards design-oriented and functional uniforms in which the employees feel comfortable and leave a lasting impression on the guests. For this reason, at IND-Berlin, we place great value on individuality and create a tailored uniform for you. At the same time, we are proud to have proven our abilities several times and to call hotels like SOHO House Berlin, AMERON Hotels, about:Berlin (Savoy) or Hyatt at Potsdamer Platz our partners.

what you need to know about uniforms from IND-Berlin

With us you and your team will leave an unforgettable impression. We will look for the right uniforms especially for you and your company. We work with a large network through our 10 years of experience in the fashion world. This is how most uniform outfits are created from a combination of products from our suppliers as well as products that we design and produce especially for you.

As a result you will get an individual uniform design you won't find anywhere else on the market.

In addition to our individual uniforms, we also offer multifunctional or convertible uniforms.
Our fair fashion label IND-Berlin has been specializing in sustainable, convertible fashion for many years and so it was
the next logical step to offer the same for uniforms. But what exactly do we mean with "convertible uniforms?"

Well, like the name already indicates you can wear several pieces in different ways - for example jackets that can be worn on both sides. Because what will hotel employees do when they have to change between different deparments?
Right, they change their uniform accordingly. The service team generally wears different uniforms than the front desk etc. So we came up with the idea of convertible uniforms. The result are various products such as reversible bomber jackets, reversible skirts, reversible shirts and reversible sweaters. Now the employee doesn't have to change anymore but instead can simply reverse his clothes. In addition, we have a lot of freedom in terms of design, pattern and cut. Each part is specially designed and produced by us. It's also a very sustainable choice because you get 2-in-1 outfits, so to speak. This in turn reduces the washing costs and, accordingly, the burden on the environment. Below you will find a picture gallery of our partner about:Berlin for which we have realized our convertible uniforms.

The most important thing for us is that each of our uniform projects is unique and individual. We do not want to offer standard uniforms, but a design that is perfectly adapted to the environment of our partner. To guarantee this, we visit each partner on site and then present several design options from which the partner can choose. These can range from traditional over casual to innovative and functional approaches. We also like to be inspired by you. And so your employees will leave a lasting impression on your guests, who will certainly always be your customers.

A perfect outfit usually results from different products from different companies. Here you can quickly lose track as a loan, but thankfully you have us. We accompany you throughout the entire process - from the first meeting, to the sample test, to the finalization of the project.

We will visit your company on site. Then we will create several design suggestions from which you can choose your favorite. We will visit you again with samples in the bag for fitting and assessment of cut, fit, material, etc. Then we finalize the appropriate design for you. A final fitting takes place. Order is placed and realized. It should be mentioned that the first meeting with us is non-binding and free. There are only costs when you decide on a design and we have to order sample parts. Click here to see some of our design suggestions.

10-12 weeks later you and your team will look fabulous in your new uniforms.

Satisfaction? Guaranteed!

Since we integrate you and your ideas and wishes from the very beginning into the design process we are sure that you will be happy with our design suggestions.

This is generally speaking difficult to answer because it all depends on the selected outfit and the ordered quantity. As already mentioned above, our first meeting is free of charge and serves primarily to get to know each other and to advise on the style of the individual uniforms. Here we bundle your ideas and wishes with our fashion expertise to present you with several design suggestions (usually 3-4). Once you have decieded on an outfit and we have to order samples costs are incurred.

Click here to be forwarded to our "uniform design options". Here you can see a small selection of uniform proposals for projects of our partners. It should be mentioned that these are examples. The selected uniform design of our partners is not displayed here. Below you will also find a picture gallery of our SOHO House project, our AMERON Hotel project, and our convertible uniform project for about:Berlin at Ku'damm.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a first and non-binding meeting via our contact form.

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